Our Story

The Basement

Like many start-up businesses, this story begins in a basement, in this case, that of Fred, our brewmaster. In his early thirties, our friendly bearded man discovered a passion for craft beer. Being a carpenter and boat restorer by profession, he was naturally drawn to the creative aspect of beer making. With his manual skills, it was not too difficult for him to build a small and efficient home brewing system. With each success, the brewer felt an immense pride mixed with a poignant desire to learn more. One thing led to another and the hobby became an obsession and weekends were no longer enough.

The Quest

Obsessed with his quest for the art of brewing, Fred decided to go into business for himself and trained to become a recognized brewmaster in Quebec. A few months later, he opened the Brasserie du Bois Blanc pub in the bucolic village of Hudson with his first partner. It was a great success and he quickly needed help to meet the demand. With no other choice, he advertised for an apprentice to work alongside him. Max showed up at the brewery with a bottle of his own rum in hand. At the time, he knew more about distilling than brewing, but the sweet aroma of his rum and his eagerness to learn won Fred over and he hired him on the spot. The master and his apprentice quickly became very good friends and brewed together for two good years. Unfortunately, Max had to leave the brewery after those two years to pursue his career as a firefighter, but he still kept in touch with Fred and came to help him out on occasion.

The growth

Over time, the company continued to grow. So much so, that it was forced to move from Hudson to expand its facilities. After a few months of research, the choice became clear. The new home for the brewery was Coteau-du-lac: a large building in the industrial district with enough room to quadruple production.

The Return Of Bilbo

What followed was a series of obstacles and challenges that led the brewmaster to realize that he now needed help to take the brewery to the next level. He thinks back to the good old days of brewing with his friend Max and thinks Max could be a great addition to the team. Fred let the idea simmer for a while and finally decided to ask his former apprentice if he was interested in investing and officially becoming a partner. To his surprise, Max agreed almost instantly. Now BBB has the means to achieve its ambitions and can count on a solid team to support its growth.

Our Mission

Brasserie du Bois Blanc is a company based in Coteau-Du-Lac. Proudly independent, our mission is to develop superior quality craft beers. It is essential for us to remain honest and curious in order to continually improve and contribute to the influence of Quebec's brewing know-how.
  • Frederic L'Ecuyer

    Master brewer, co-owner, Fred is one of the founders of the Brewery and the creator of the majority of the beer recipes. He handles operations, day-to-day beer quality control, some administration/accounting and customer service. As a carpenter by trade and a sailboat restorer, his manual and creative side has been a great help in designing and setting up the brewery
  • Maxime Legue

    Brewer, co-owner, Max is one of the original employees of the brewery, now a partner. He handles operations, day-to-day beer quality control, some administration/accounting and customer service. Fireman and general contractor, he too has a very manual and creative side. That's one of the reasons the two partners make such a good team.
  • Dark Soul

    Médaillée d'argent en 2020 et médaillée d'or en 2021 à la London Beer Competition

  • Enigma

    Médaillée de bronze à la London Beer Competition 2020

  • Tempete Divine

    Médaillée de bronze à la London Beer Competition 2020

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